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At Vybz Car Rental you always benefit from the best cars with the best prices! In addition, we are always easily accessible and all extras are possible. Look further for the many possibilities that Vybz Car Rental has to offer!

Best car rental prices on Curaçao

Looking for the best prices for a rental car on Curaçao? Via Vybz Car Rental you always receive an advantageous price so that you never pay too much. You can fully choose which extras you want with the car. This makes a rental car possible for everyone!

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24/7 available

Vybz Car Rental is 24/7 available! This way you always place your booking for your rental car on Curaçao cheaply and easily. In addition, we are always available as soon as you have rented a car from Vybz Car Rental. If you unexpectedly need help, we are there for you!

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All extras possible

The cars of Vybz Car Rental are of good quality, but there are also many extras possible. How about air conditioning or a navigation system? Are there children? Don't forget a child seat! You can easily book all these extras so that you can enjoy your stay without any worries.

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Contact Vybz Car Rental to hire a car in Curacao

The employees of Vybz Car Rental are ready to answer all your questions. Whether it is renting a car in Curaçao, your placed booking or questions while you already own the rental car. We are available by phone 24/7, so you don’t have to take the time difference into account. We find accessibility important and are happy to help you!Of course it is also possible to contact us by email. Mail us to info.vybzcarrental@gmail.com or send us a chat.

Curaçao is a beautiful island in the Caribbean. The island offers a lot of beauty and during a holiday you naturally want to discover as much of the island as possible. Relax on the various beaches, but also the beauty that the capital has to offer. The best way to get around in Curaçao is by car. Public transport consists of small buses that do not run at a specific time and that they do not go everywhere. A car on this island is therefore very useful if you want to discover more than your place of residence.

Renting a car through Vybz Car Rental is easy and cheap. You simply indicate in which period you want to rent the car, but also what type of car you want to rent and whether you want to rent extras such as a child seat or insurance. Then you immediately see the rental price and you immediately know where you stand. Of course it is also possible to place the booking in another way. You can also contact us by phone or via email or social media. Vybz Car Rental is available 24/7. We are always available for you and are ready to help you with any questions regarding car rental in Curaçao.

Tips for car rental Curaçao

You can rent a car in Curaçao in advance, but it is also possible to rent a car on site. On the spot we then look together at the best options and which cars are still available. What can you pay attention to when renting a car on Curaçao?

1. Determine the pick-up & drop-off location
First of all, it is important to determine where you want to pick up the car. Is this already at Hato airport so that you can get in the car directly from the flight and drive on to the residence? Or will you be picked up by the tour operator and only want to rent a car for a few days and pick it up at our office, for example? Simply indicate the pick-up location when booking.

2. Determine the duration of the car rental
It is of course good to know for which period you want to rent the car. Do you want to be able to go wherever you want during the entire stay or do you only want to rent a car for a few days? Everything is possible through Vybz Car Rental! Therefore, please contact us quickly to discuss your wishes with us.

3. Drive carefully
The roads on Curaçao are not all equally good. Especially if you drive to the west point, where there are many beautiful beaches, you may well encounter bad roads. It is therefore extra important on Curaçao that you drive carefully. Drive more quietly than you may be used to, but this will ensure that you drive safely.

Car Rental Curacao

Costs rental car Curaçao

The costs for a rental car on Curaçao strongly depend on what you want. Do you want a small car or a large one? Do you only want to rent a car for 1 day or do you want to rent it for 6 months? Do you choose extras or not? All these factors obviously influence the price. You can already rent a car from Vybz Car Rental from € 13.00 per day. There is a suitable car for everyone that meets all needs. For an overview of the costs of a rental car on Curaçao, we recommend that you fill in all the details on the website, so that you immediately get an overview of the costs and the various options. Would you prefer us to look at the costs with you? That is of course also possible! All you have to do is contact us or leave your details and we will contact you to discuss the costs and discuss the options. Together we go for the best solution and the best price!

Car rental internship Curaçao

Curaçao is an island that many interns come to every year. Often for a longer period of at least 6 months, but sometimes also for a shorter period, for example, 3 months. As an intern, it can sometimes be exciting to take this step. We fully understand that you want to have everything well arranged and not want to be surprised when you are on location. That is why it is wise to choose a good car and to arrange this in advance. This way you can be sure that it is in any case good. For interns we also have the option to rent a car through Vybz Car Rental. It is especially important for interns that they have a good car during the internship period. Not only to be able to drive to the internship address every day, but also to enjoy the beach during the weekend and to have a drink and a bite to eat in the evening. If you want to use a rental car for a longer period, it is wise to contact us. We offer affordable prices and good quality cars if you want to rent a car for a longer period.

Curacao airport car rental (Hato)

For many people it is useful to pick up the car directly at Hato airport in Curaçao. Please provide the flight number when booking so that we know exactly what time you will arrive at the airport. Based on this, we can ensure that the car is ready for you as soon as you arrive at Hato airport. It is of course so easy that when you arrive you can get in and drive away! This way you don’t have to wait for others until the bus is full and you can leave, for example, but you can leave immediately and enjoy the stay on Curaçao for as long as possible. When you leave the island, it is also possible to return the car at the airport. Again it is possible to provide the flight number, so that we know which flight you are going with. In this way, together we ensure that the collection and return of the rental car connects seamlessly with the rest of your trip!